Why is boosting access to education for poor children important?

why-is-boosting-access-to-education-for-poor-children-importantSo why is it important to boost access to education for childrenĀ from underprivileged families? Education is a right and a basic need for every child regardless of their age, gender, financial capabilities, or their location.

It is the agent of change that helps children grow up into mature adults who are functional in society.

Generally, education penetration has improved in the country since the introduction of free primary education in 2003.

Students that are located in the arid and semi-arid areas, and poverty-stricken areas are usually the most affected by lack of access to education. This is due to the many problems that they face at home.

Despite the fact that they are the most affected, these students have a right to education equally as much as privileged students in the urban areas.

reasons forĀ  boosting education for the children from underprivileged families

  1. We get to unlock the full potential of the students.

Students and children, in general, need people and mentors that will help them realize their full potential. This is in the sense that they already understand who they are but they need someone to guide them to greatness. This is important as the future of the children is promised after realizing their full potential.

  1. To improve the lives of the community as a whole

When educating a child, is like steering a whole community into greatness. You get to change the lives of the people in the community as a whole. When a child is educated and prospers, he or she will definitely give back to the community in one way or the other. This could progress in the form of uplifting and educating other students, constructing schools and other amenities, and empowering women in the community.

  1. To improve the health of the students

In schools, students get to access resources such as food and water. While at home, especially for those who are in poverty-stricken areas, most students lack these resources.

They end up performing home chores and duties under distressful conditions such as extreme heat and hunger, hence deteriorating their health. Education is important because it keeps them focused and helps them access these resources for free. This will bring up healthy leaders in the future.

  1. To raise great leaders

Education is a mode of shaping and molding kids into responsible children and leaders in the future. Children mostly monitor their role models in society, monitor their attitudes and traits, and mirror them. With this, we get great leaders that are admirable in society.

  1. To enhance social and economic stability

When children go to school, we enable them to live their dreams by letting them decide who they want to become when they grow up. This enables them to fulfill their dreams and become respectable people in society. The children become economically and socially empowered such that they can help other members using their acquired financial gains.

They also expand their network by socializing with similar people in their industries. With this socialization, they become important people in society.

  1. Reduction of poverty

Poverty is among the main cause of problems when it comes to the accessibility of education to students.

Most of them lack school fees to enable them to go to school and to also attain basic needs for enrolment such as uniforms, and schoolbooks but when all these resources are made available, students get the necessary education and after completing them, they get to pursue their careers and help alleviate their families from poverty.

It is important to boost and push children that come from poor backgrounds as they have the potential to uplift the society and community from the tribulations and regular challenges that it faces.

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