Ways to Improve Education Accessibility to underprivileged Children

Education accessibility is a basic need for all students. This is necessary as students require to acquire this information for growth and development purposes.

Access to this education is the most important aspect of growth as this ensures that students do not miss out on opportunities to learn.

Research shows that the Kenyan Government is working towards helping all children, regardless of their backgrounds gain access to education by 2030.

It is important for every student to gain access to education because this is what mostly determines their and determines their outcomes as adults.

Data also shows that access to education to high-end families is much higher than poor families due to various factors that include financial abilities, geographical locations, cost and quality of education, and lack of school structures among many other reasons.

So how do we improve education accessibility to poor students?

Enhance Donor Funding

Donor funding has for years been sustaining schools and helping them run smoothly. The funding has enabled a majority of schools to stay afloat as students can gain access to food, water, and other basic needs for their use. If more schools can vigorously lookout and tap into these funding opportunities, then more students will get the morale to come to school and access these resources.

Enhance Scholarship availability 

Scholarships are ways to ensure that poor students get access to education under well-wishers or organizations that see potential in students and want them to further their studies. Companies should communicate their sponsorship opportunities to schools more often through channels such as radio stations and TV station advertisements to ensure the message is out there. Making the application process smoother and more, lenient also ensures that students from poor backgrounds gain access to education

Educate society more on the importance of tapping into free education

The government announces free education opportunities for all primary school students but still reports low uptake due to certain reasons which include discrimination, poor quality of education, and schools being located too far away from communities.

There has been an uproar on the quality of education given in these schools according to research hence limiting the enrolment of students in the system. Improving the quality of education offered will ensure that students from poor backgrounds do not shy away from gaining education accessibility.

Build more schools near the community

Schools located in the arid and semi-arid areas of the country are the most affected by this as the students mostly stay home to undertake other activities such as fetching water, taking care of the home, and avoiding walking long distances to schools.

Schools can be built closer to the communities to prevent all this.

The ministry of education should additionally provide infrastructure and opportunities for these constructions to be done to prevent students from missing out on education.

Reduce School Fee Charges

Most parents have been complaining about high school fee rates for both secondary and primary education. This has put most students out of classes as parents lack money to bring the kids to school. This has additionally affected the transition of students from Standard 8 to Form 1. Improving the cost per year for this education will most definitely improve turnout.

The economy has put so much strain on parents as well because there are no jobs, and the cost of living is too high in the country

The government should either strategize on providing employment for the youth or create a space where people can be self-employed without having to pay high tariffs for documentation for self-employment.

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