elearning-resources-positive-influence-over indiscipline-studentWhen growing up, children are taught how to behave and interact with others and grow into what they have mirrored from society and community in general. This can be from their peers, their parents, relatives, the media, and teachers in school.

Adults greatly influence what our little ones do, think, and say because they look up to us, this is why we hear children wanting to be doctors, teachers, surgeons, journalists, and so many other professions.

All this is because they admire the holders of these professions, their poise, conversation, their speech, and their actions towards making the world a better place.

This is the main reason why it is important to watch what we do and say in front of children and students at all times.

Below I will touch on how to influence your students positively in the face of rising indiscipline.

1 Watch your speech/ Language

What we say affects other people either positively or negatively. We should ensure that we speak affirming and positive words as opposed to negative and cursing words because students can pick up our tones, and words and use them on other people.

  1. Watch what you post on social media

In this digital age, we are most, if not all, connected to a social media platform and this could be WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We should avoid posting vulgar and explicit materials on these sites as students pick this up. Our posts should reflect positive thinking and outlooks of life.

  1. Watch your Friends

Ever since we were children, we were always taught to be mindful of who we befriend and hang around with. Personally, I used the slogan “garbage in, garbage out “to guide me. This means that any friend you make will influence you, be it negatively and positively. This is because even in adulthood, we still mirror aspects from the people we relate with. Our choice of friends will definitely affect the discipline of our students.

  1. Share Impactful Thoughts and words

We should speak positively to students at all times. Why? Because how we make them feel will determine how they act out. Speaking negative words to them will lead to indecent behavior and rebellion while nurturing them with impactful life-changing thoughts and quotes will help them live long healthy lives.

  1. Educate them on the importance of discipline

As adults, we know that discipline will go a long way in ensuring that whatever we do is completed, be it our jobs, our education, or our work. Discipline ensures that we achieve our goals and dreams because we are focused on the end goal. Living this kind of life and impacting it on students will make them understand the importance of discipline. They will strive to be disciplined in school during their studies and at home with their parents.

  1. Watch what they watch

Technology has really advanced and nowadays most students are connected to the internet and can watch programs on television. Western content has penetrated the African market and we can subscribe to Pat Tvs such as GOTV, DSTV, Star Times, and many more meaning that content is readily available. It is important that we regulate what students watch while at home on TV or during entertainment sessions in school.

It is important to lock out TV channels that contain adult content and also lockout R Rated content to limit them to content necessary to students.

It is important to apply all these factors to our daily lives because indiscipline is on the rise globally. This is due to relaxed moral measures and enhanced freedom of expression. It is also important to remember that even though there is a lot of laxities, the saying goes “spare the rod, spoil the child” Let’s all raise students that will be capable leaders in the world.

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