The Effectiveness of Online Learning

Learning is the process through which we acquire information either directly from previously written sources, from online sources, or directly from instructors or teachers.

One is absolutely free to do whatever they please with the information they acquire from all these online learning sources as long as it is legal.

Learning is most of the time gauged by one’s level of understanding and interpretation of the information acquired.

As for online learning generally, it is a newly implemented tool that has been incorporated into the daily lives of students in primary schools, secondary schools, and universities. This is owing to changing times, how readily available this material is, technological advancements as well as the development of a new curriculum.

Although this technique has been incorporated into the system, we need to understand the effectiveness of online learning and whether it is bringing out the expected results or not.

Just How Effectiveness is Online Learning?

To the Schools

Online learning is effective for schools as it saves school energy consumption. How? As students are away from schools, the school spends a lot less on lighting the school as the classes are not occupied. Electronic devices such as computers, projectors, television sets are not in use and this helps save on electricity.

The school also benefits from reduced costs incurred in ensuring school meals are prepared meaning that fewer people need to come in to ensure all school activities are followed through.

Although this seems like a bad situation especially because people are losing jobs, it is a positive for the school as there is less expenditure. This can however be improved by having shifts for employees as well as letting students come into class for traditional one on one lessons for these employees to get a sense of income.

The other solution is that infrastructural costs are saved as the school in time will restructure and construct fewer classrooms and rooms in general since there are fewer people coming to the school physically.

To the students

Here is where the majority of the benefits lie. How?

Students get to reduce the time learned in classes and reduce burnout to a large extent. Online learning ensures that students perform to their best ability and operate at the maximum level.

There are more breaks involved and information is obtained in bits, as per the student’s requirement and availability.

Students additionally get more time to explore and research additional information onto what they have already been taught in class before.

To the Parents

Parents benefit a lot from online learning as the amount of money spent on sending their kids to school reduces to a large extent. The only amount required to be paid is the tuition fee.

Other expenses such as lunch and school transportation costs are cut.

Even though online learning is proving to be efficient, it, however, has some disadvantages which include but are not limited to:

Time Consumption

This is because the information is spread out and covers extensive content and this provides less time for the instructor to spend one on one time with students. He or she may need to repeat content.


Online learning makes it easy for students to Procrastinate because there is no one keeping tabs with student activities. This requires a lot of effort and discipline.


Online learning calls for less one on one interaction between teachers and students and with students and students. This may affect how peers interact on a one-on-one level in the real world.

It is however safe to say that the positives outweigh the negatives because online classes require a student to be independent, organized, and very disciplined. All these are important aspects of growth and maturity. It is hence important that all these factors are communicated to the students.

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