elearning-resources-covid-19Covid-19 virus hit the universe on full blast in March 2020. The virus originated from Wuhan, in China and was believed to originate from bats.

The virus spread quickly from China to all over the world because before it was realized, people had already spread it unknowingly.

Countries were immediately placed on lockdown, gatherings were restricted, and formal measures including hand sanitizing, maintaining social distance, and coughing on your elbow to avoid spreading the virus were put in place.

People in offices started working from home and were shying away from enclosed office spaces. Schools and most institutions were closed indefinitely until further notice to prevent spreading the virus.

As 2021 came about, the virus was largely contained and institutions had started easing some imposed restrictions.

Restaurants, schools, and offices were opened and were to observe the social distance, operate with masks on, and ensure there are sanitizer dispensers in their premises.

Even though these institutions and offices are now open, it is still important to prevent the virus from spreading because the covid-19 cure is yet to be found, however, the virus has a vaccine.

So how can you prevent covid-19 from your school on a budget?

      1. Embrace online learning

This involves letting students learn from home. Online learning is the best cost-effective measure because students avoid contact in school hence preventing cases of infection. This also means that the school will not keep buying sanitizers, masks, and soap to help students stay covid free.

  1. Partnering with sponsors to donate covid 19 prevention kits

This involves partnering with organizations such as Vivo Energy and Safaricom that have set aside kitties for covid-19 prevention in schools. Tapping into these partnerships will help the schools save money that would be used in buying the same from expensive vendors.

Partnering with them also makes the school viable for other sponsorships other than just the covid prevention sponsorship and this is beneficial to the school

  1. Teaching Students how to build innovative water dispensing taps

Technology has really advanced today and students can go online and research ways of building water dispensing taps other than installing new units for the school to prevent crowding. A simple mechanical unit ensures that kids get access to clean water at all times.

  1. Offer Soap Creating Classes

Creating liquid soap nowadays is a one-time procedure that takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to make it. Students can follow the procedure online and create it during the weekend. The school can use this soap as opposed to procuring it from overpriced vendors. The budget in the school can be allocated towards other educational materials to be used in the school.

  1. Investing in water

Water is more readily available, thorough and cost-effective than hand sanitizer. Ensuring that the school procures as much water as possible to encourage hand washing goes a long way in preventing covid-19 than using hand sanitizer.

Sanitizer depletes quicker because it is used frequently and purchasing it is expensive.

  1. Use Technology

Schools should make use of technology such as the internet, which is readily available to educate school-going children on preventive measures to avoid spreading the virus.

Teachers and students should take turns in taking students through the preventive measures from verified sources such as the World Health Organization, (WHO). This ensures that students have all the information at their fingertips and lookout for new information on the virus, and ways of preventing further spread.

It is important for schools to observe these measures because, at the end of the day, every institution wants to operate on minimal costs and save. These are cost-effective and cost-saving ways to prevent the spread of the virus, as we wait for the discovery of the cure.

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